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No two FRACAS installations are alike. Flexible customisation is the key to your success.

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Choose between our on-premise FRACAS license, which is installed on your own servers OR our cloud based FRACAS application, functionally they’re identical.

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informed decision making early in the product lifecycle
Informed Decisions

Get to make informed decisions; faster! Relyence FRACAS utilises the same system structure constructed by the prediction module, or FMEA module – it’s the same integrated hierarchical structure – which means you can start collecting FRACAS data early in the design stage and continue right through to obsolescence.

gain valuable insight into quality and reliability data using the relyence fracas dashboard
Insight or Foresight?

The ability to look at things holistically creates opportunities for early identification, containment and preventative action – whether you run your FRACAS at project level, company wide or both – the end result being one of continual improvement to the design and / or process.

custom form designs with user based role permissions for fracas / capa software
Customisable Control

Getter high quality results through targeted customised access. Customising your user’s interface produces better; more accurate results, faster. Customising views and forms; so they become relevant, more intuitive to the user, reduces or in some cases eliminates the need for training, ensuring consistent levels of quality data for analysis.

Failure Reporting Analysis & Corrective Action System (FRACAS)

When you’re in the business of improving reliability, increasing quality and raising safety standards, having a FRACAS system in your arsenal makes total sense. At least that’s our belief here at Relyence, and why we made our FRACAS module an integral part of our Reliability & Quality Lifecycle Management System. It’s important for us to remember that FRACAS is a process and not just software. Therefore, any software designed to support the FRACAS process must be highly flexible, customisable, intuitive and resourceful, these are just some of the qualities we built in to Relyence FRACAS. Start your test drive to experience the rest.

Relyence Failure Reporting Analysis & Corrective Action (FRACAS) also referred to as Corrective Action Preventative Action (CAPA) product icon

Incidents lead to problems, problems lead to corrective / preventative actions

There are many methodologies and standards that surround the FRACAS / CAPA process, we’ve designed Relyence FRACAS to support them all. So whether you arrived at this page researching a project requirement, or you’re looking to improve your company’s overall reliability and quality standards; the flexibility and customisability of Relyence FRACAS will serve you well.

Support for the following:

ISO 14001;
ISO/TS 16949;
Lean Manufacturing;
Six Sigma;
AS 9100;
21 CFR Part 820;
CMMI; and
many more!

Additionally, you can use Relyence FRACAS to manage:

Health & Safety concerns;
Test results;
Process change ;
Environmental issues;
Non conformance / Non compliance;
Supplier quality; and
Customer complaints.

Professional Support Services

To compliment our FRACAS software, we offer a flexible approach to training, implementation and support services designed to enhance your Relyence FRACAS – we’re here to help, so get in touch today!

It’s often said that, ‘The FRACAS concept is easy to understand, but difficult to successfully implement.’ and for a long time I wondered how we could adapt our systems to make them fit! But then we found Relyence FRACAS which we quickly adapted to fit our systems.

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Please Note: You can use our web based FRACAS Cloud Solution to evaluate our installed On-Premise solution; as they’re functionally identically.

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