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Relyence Reliability Software

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Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone to see up-to-date results.

Alternatively, opt for our on-premise license, which is installed on your own servers whilst offering the same functionality as our cloud based application.

integrated modules for fmea, fracas, capa, fault tree analysis and reliability analysis quality management software
Scalable Access

Access your reliability software when you need it, from where you need to. Empower your teams by adding additional users as the project dictates.

Access anywhere, anytime, any device.

Reliability Analysis Software calculating MTBF, MTTR and Failure Rate for RAMS Project Requirements
Win Projects - Save Time

The power to create accurate analysis results quickly, make adjustments and perform informative what-if analysis enables you to respond quickly and easily to new project enquiries.

Secure scalable cloud based access to our online safety, quality & reliability analysis software
Flexible Integration

Keep your analyses up to date and in-sync.  Eliminate duplicate data entry and get your teams working together, simultaneously.  These are just some of the benefits achieved through the Relyence integrated approach.

Integrated Modular Systems Analysis™

Relyence FMEA

One tool for all your FMEAs, Control Plans and Process Flow Diagrams – customisable, efficient and effective data synchronisation achieved through Relyence’s unique always-in-sync™ technology.


Relyence FRACAS

Identify and track real time failures, incidents can be escalated to problems which can be fed through a customisable workflow to create an effective process for managing both preventative and corrective actions.


Relyence Fault Tree

Determine the probability of undesired events occurring, using this powerful top down FTA approach. Accurately model safety and risk elements of complex systems and humanistic behaviours.


Relyence Prediction

Quickly get to the calculated results you need! Relyence makes it’s easy to create detailed reports, perform what-if analysis and product variations. Analyse real data alongside prediction standards.


Relyence RBD

Powerful, Intuitive User-Friendly Graphical RBD Interface To Calculate Complex Redundancy Calculations


Relyence Maintainability

Everything you need in an efficient, intuitive framework for performing maintainability analysis in line with industry standard techniques.  Built in power, easy to use interface, calculation engine, and comprehensive reporting provide the capabilities that ensure you remain compliant.


Relyence Weibull

A powerful interface for life data analysis – Weibull. Easy data entry, powerful calculations including Best Fit distributions, such as Weibull or lognormal, that best fits your data as well as the distribution’s parameters. And then quickly depict your custom interactive chart allowing you to see how your system is performing.


Future Proof Integration

Purchase modules individually or group them together, as and when required. Relyence’s Integrated Modular Systems Analysis™ manages the shared data resources between modules; creating huge time savings and eliminating the risk of inconsistent data entry.

The same principals apply to additional users, add more users to your license as your team expands, or as the project dictates.

relyence integrating fmea, fmeca, fracas, capa, FTA with reliability predictions

Utilise our subscription plans which offer a flexible approach to acquiring software for reliability, safety & quality analysis tasks throughout the project lifecycle.

Relyence – the right choice today and tomorrow – don’t worry, if the the need arises within the project or future projects for a different type of analysis method – we’ve got your back. Simply add the new module(s) to your license and your current project data is shared across all modules as applicable.

Professional Services

To compliment our outstanding suite of products, we offer a full range of training, implementation and support services designed to enhance your Relyence experience – read more.

Being able to access Relyence on our iOS devices has added a whole new level of convenience and performance, offering our users a chance to view or even amend information on the move.

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Please Note: You can use our web based Cloud Solution to evaluate our installed On-Premise solution; as they’re functionally identically.

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